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Smart Yandex.Station speakers – now at a discount at A1!

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A1 reduces prices for smart speakers – Yandex.Station Light, Yandex.Station Mini and Yandex.Station Mini with clock. Devices can be purchased by long installments of up to 24 months for only 9.12 rubles per month.


Yandex.Station have support of the voice assistant which can operate the smart home, answer questions, switch on music or radio, read a fairy tale, tell about weather or set an alarm clock. The speakers have four microphones and touch control buttons.


At the same time Yandex.Station Lite has minimalistic design and bright and bold colors of the case. Yandex.Station Mini will please users with more 10 W powerful sound. And LED display that shows the time and weather will become a great addition to Yandex.Station Mini with clock.


Treat yourself and your loved ones with a modern and useful gadget at A1!


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