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Back to school with a new Samsung smartphone

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New school year is a great reason to get your child a new smartphone to help with the studies and to keep in touch with the rest of the family. Which is why you should take advantage of the A1 special offer and purchase popular Samsung devices at a discount for the new school year.


6 models of varying price segments are covered by the special offer, allowing you to choose the best option in terms of the price/specification ratio.


While the special offer is valid, the price will stay reduced for popular and affordable models of the A and M smartphone lines, such as Samsung Galaxy А02, Samsung Galaxy А02s, Samsung Galaxy A12 and Samsung Galaxy M12.


To get a discount, just tell the "Samsung" promo code to an employee of the A1 store before buying or enter it in a special field when placing an order in the company virtual store. All of the devices are available for purchase both in a single payment and on an installment plan of 6 to 24 months.


The list of smartphones covered by the special offer can be found below:



Single payment with discount, rubles

Monthly installment, rubles

11 months

24 months

Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB

Discount of 50

Discount of 44,11

Discount of 12,48

Samsung Galaxy M12 32GB

Discount of 40

Discount of 27,72

Discount of 19,68

Samsung Galaxy A12 32GB

Discount of 50

Discount of 33,55

Discount of 20,40

Samsung Galaxy A02 32GB

Discount of 37

Discount of 30,14

Discount of 24,96


Furthermore, the special offer covers Samsung Galaxy M12 64GB and Samsung Galaxy A02s 32GB models.


The discount is provided on condition of subscribing or remaining subscribed to the Comfort M tariff for a period of at least 12 months. For more details on the rules of the special offer, click the link.


Start the new school year with a brand new smartphone!


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