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“No Limit” tariff for new subscribers for 9.90 rubles / month

Promo description

A1 offers everyone who has not yet had time to evaluate the advantages of A1’s high-speed 4G mobile Internet to use special conditions for activating No Limit, the most popular A1's tariff plan.


No Limit provides subscribers with unlimited mobile Internet without speed limits, 500 minutes for calls to subscribers of all Belarusian operators, as well as the distribution of Internet traffic to other users free of charge until the end of the summer.


Starting from June 04, 2020, the promotion subscription fee period will be 9 months (or 270 days) for all new A1's subscribers who will choose the No Limit tariff plan for their smartphones or tablets. During the first 90 days, the subscription fee will amount to just 9.90 rubles per month, then 14.90 rubles per month for the next 90 days and 17.90 rubles per month for another 90 days until the end of the promotion.


The special offer applies to subscribers who have activated No Limit from June 04 to September 15, 2020.


Spend this summer at full speed with A1!


Details can be found on A1's official pages on the social networks, such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, through a convenient online chat on the www.A1.by website, as well as via the following single contact center number: 150.