Get your golden offer with no limits for 2 years for 9.50 BYN/month | Deals | Telco, ICT and content provider A1

Get your golden offer with no limits for 2 years for 9.50 BYN/month

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No Limits

  • Unlimited internet traffic
  • Unlimited minutes to all networks
    for 24 months
  • 500 minutes to all networks with 25 months
Unlimited internet at unlimited speed
9.50 BYN/month subscription fee for the first 24 months
17.90 BYN/monthsubscription fee
from 25 months

The offer is available when contacting the locations of the action in the following settlements and areas:

  • Brest; Brest region - Baranovichi district, Berezovsky district, Drogichinsky district, Zhabinkovsky district, Ivatsevichi district, Ivanovo district, Kamenetsky district, Kobrinsky district, Lyakhovichi district, Maloritsky district, Pruzhansky district, Stolinsky district;
  • Vitebsk and Vitebsk region;
  • Grodno; Grodno region - Berestovitsky district, Volkovysk district, Mostovsky district, Svislochsky district, Shchuchinsky district;
  • Gomel region - Buda-Koshelevsky district, Yelsky district, Kalinkovichi district, Mozyr district, Narovlyansky district;
  • Minsk region - Berezensky district, Vileisk district, Dzerzhinsky district, Kletsky district, Kopylsky district, Logoy district, Molodechno district, Chervensky district;
  • Mogilev region - Krichevsky district.

Number porting in just 2 steps:

Details of the promo

For a successful transfer, the number must be:

  • in active status
  • without debt on the balance sheet
  • no outstanding obligations
  • with current passport data
  • Contact the nearest office of the company with a passport
  • Choose the tariff plan "No Limits".
  • Get an A1 SIM card when concluding a contract
  • The ported number is connected to the A1 network within 24 hours, provided that there are no claims from the previous operator

Use international formats such as + 375297хххххх or 80259хххххх to dial the ported number.

This is important, since there can be subscribers in the network at the same time, whose numbers differ only in the prefix (25/29/33/44). Use the Phone Number Converter for fast conversion to international format if you are an Android user

There is no charge for porting a number to the A1 network.

Until the actual transfer of the number to A1, your old SIM card will work. We recommend not to remove it from the phone and keep the balance positive. At the moment of transferring the number, the SIM card of the previous operator will stop working, and you will receive an SMS confirming the transfer to the A1 SIM card. In case of refusal to port the number, contact the office of the previous operator to resolve the nuances:

If the subscriber data does not match:

You will need to bring the full name, series, number and personal passport number, phone number or registration address into line if the data in the A1 application does not match the data of your current operator.

If you have a debt / blocked number:

Insufficient personal account balance is a common reason for blocking. Moving with your own number is not possible with a negative balance. Top up the account with the amount owed, make sure that the balance is positive and contact A1 office again to complete the application.

If there are open obligations:

Unpaid installments, bonuses and discounts, provided that the services are used for a certain period of time, may be obligations. Number porting will be available after the remaining installments are paid off, the terms of other obligations are settled with the previous operator.

Less than 90 days have passed since the last successful porting of your number:

The subscriber has the right to use the "Number portability" service again no earlier than 90 days after the last porting.