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HONOR Watch GS Pro: а great gift with a 100-ruble discount

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A1 offers a discount on the unique HONOR Watch GS Pro smartwatch. Giving a truly unique and useful present with a truly masculine character will now be easier and 100 rubles cheaper.


HONOR Watch GS Pro is a new smartwatch model aimed primarily not at fans of sports and healthy lifestyle, but at fans of outdoor activities and adventures up to the most extreme ones. This is reflected both in the rugged design of the shock-resistant case and in the functionality of the device. The 100 sports modes supported by the watch include rock climbing, mountaineering, martial arts and auto racing. The smartwatch can monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns and even stress levels. A capacious 790 mAh battery provides up to 25 days of battery life. And a plethora of built-in sensors and features - from altimeter and compass to weather forecast and route guidance - will be of good use on any trip.


The full price of the HONOR Watch GS Pro smartwatch is 599 rubles. This being said, you can get the device for 499 rubles during the holidays, with or without a 24-month installment plan.


Details can be found on A1's official pages on social media, such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, through a convenient online chat on the www.A1.by website, as well as via the following single contact center number: 150.

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