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Drive and No Limits 2.0 – promotional monthly fee and bonuses for My A1 users

Promo description

Until September 30, inclusive, all new subscribers of A1 Drive 5, Drive 20 и No Limits 2.0 tariff plans will receive a discount on the monthly fee for the whole year, as well as additional bonuses in My A1 app.


Depending on their tariff plan, customers will be able to activate additional traffic packages or the ability to distribute mobile Internet to other devices, the cost of which will be included in the monthly fee for the selected tariff plan.


Tariff plan

Promotional monthly fee for 12 months,
rubles per month.

Bonus in My A1 app

Drive 5


100 GB for 90 days

Drive 20


300 GB for 180 days

No Limits 2.0


Modem mode for 90 days


To activate the bonus services, you need to authorize in My A1 app and choose them in the Services section.


Drive tariff plan will be available for new A1 subscribers only from August 1 to 21, inclusive. All subscribers who will manage to join it in the specified period will get a discount on their monthly fee: during the first 180 days it will be only 6 rubles per month, and from 181 to 270 days – 9 rubles per month.


Choose your tariff plan and get bonuses and discounts at A1!


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