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MEGA Prime

Everything and even more with the MEGA Prime tariff

Home Internet and TV

Unlimited mobile communication

Family bundle

Internet roaming

What MEGA Prime includes

Mobile communication


  • Unlimited minutes to all networks
  • Unlimited Internet traffic


More detailed

Home Internet and TV;         


  • Unlimited Internet at speeds up to 300 Mbit/s
  • VOKA video service, «All-inclusive»


Family bundle


  • Unlimited communication with 3 A1 subscribers
  • 60 GB for subscription participants


Managing the Family bundle

Internet roaming


  • 500 MB of internet traffic
  • It operates in the following countries: Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia



  • A wide selection of equipment for creating a home network in installments from 2.22 rubles/month

Detailed information