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Virtual office on a subscription basis: A1 provides access to the Yandex 360 service for business

Business Customers

An exclusive opportunity to set up a virtual office has become available at A1 thanks to a subscription to the services of the Yandex 360 platform for business.


Yandex 360 for business is a virtual corporate workspace that incorporates everything a modern office needs to effectively run a business and plan all the necessary processes: a mail service, disk for storing and collaborative online editing of files, a messenger, calendar, mailing service and an option to set up video calls without time limits.


Yandex 360 for business includes:

  • Unlimited number of mailboxes on your company domain.Transfer your business data from Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
  • Up to 3 TB of Disk space for each employee. Share files with colleagues and clients by simply sharing a link to the required file or folder.
  • Joint editing of documents (up to 40 users). The service supports most popular formats: docx, pptx, xlsx, pdf, txt, html and others.
  • Video calls using Teleconference feature without time limits. During the meeting, you can screen share, record the meeting and use a chat.
  • Calendar for convenient planning of tasks and meetings. Share the calendar with your team.
  • Messenger for swift communication within a team. Your company employees will automatically be added to the messenger contacts from your enterprise contact list.
  • A mailing service with an option to send up to 100,000 letters per month. A letter template can be easily assembled using a convenient writing tool.
  • You will also get priority 24/7 support and all Yandex 360 services for business without any ads.


All services are easily scalable and adaptable to suit the goals and needs of each specific business. You can use them on any device: computer, tablet or a smartphone. At the same time, the solution offers a wide range of administration tools (including viewing reports, managing access rights to certain resources for each individual employee, allocating their disk space amount, etc.). Moreover, Yandex 360 services for business can be integrated into third-party products and applications via API.


Yandex 360 for business services are available by subscription with a monthly fee ranging from 9.99 to 55.99 rubles/month per user. A detailed description of the tariffs, their features and subscription terms can be found on the A1 website.


Keep all your tasks under control with Yandex 360 from A1!


You can get more details on the official pages of A1 in the social networks Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, via online chat on, as well as by calling the unified contact center phone number 150.