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Business ethics and responsibility


The conduct of the employees of the Unitary Enterprise “A1” is based on the principles of business ethics. It's not just about ACHIEVING our business goals, it's also about HOW we do it.

Responsibility in the Unitary Enterprise “A1” is the starting point for developing our core business in the best possible way for the benefit of society, our customers and employees.

We make a significant contribution to the information society and we strive for respectful cooperation with all our stakeholders and contractors. We are constantly growing and developing while keeping economic, environmental and social considerations in mind.

Business ethics take precedence over short-term business success. When in doubt, we would rather refrain from signing any agreement than enter into a relationship that conflicts with our principles. Business ethics and responsible behavior are core elements of our corporate culture.

On the pages of our Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct for Supplier, you will find the basic rules that reflect our attitude to business ethics issues. The Code of Conduct is an important guiding document of the Unitary Enterprise “A1”. The principles set out therein apply to all employees.


The Code of Conduct contains information about:

  • fair treatment;

  • confidentiality;

  • conflicts of interest;

  • gifts and personal benefits;

  • protection of corporate property;

  • violations of the Code of Conduct;

  • compliance with the Code of Conduct;

  • principles of disclosure, including contact information.

What we want ...

  • business success on a fair basis: 100% transparent business;

  • long-term cooperation with partners who share our basic principles;

  • only honest and open words, in order to prevent and avoid misunderstandings;

  • proactive and decisive intervention when irregularities occur;

  • attentive employees who support what we stand for and who are honest, fair and willing to cooperate transparently.

What we don't accept ...

  • attempts to offer bribes to business partners or public sector employees;

  • invitations or gifts to third parties that are connected with invitations to bid, receiving awards or existing legal and administrative procedures;

  • • remaining silent or ignoring misconduct that occurs in our shared work environment.

Our customers, business partners, shareholders, external lenders, the public and ourselves, employees, expect compliance in all types of business dealings. In other words, honest, fair, transparent relationships.