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Our values

Our values are Team, Trust, Flexibility.


We work together and use all our common resources and strengths to meet our customers' expectations. It is important for us to be open, transparent and consistent in what we say and do, and we speak openly with our customers, colleagues and partners.


Trust allows us to create an environment where curiosity, openness and cooperation are of key importance. We are open and transparent in what we say and do, sincere in our behavior and actions.


The digital world is not waiting for us to change. We proactively choose areas of activity and goals and feel our responsibility. We are flexible and adapt quickly to new situations.

Business ethics and responsibility

The behavior of the employees of Unitary Enterprise A1 is based on the principles of business ethics. It is not only important to ACHIEVE the set business goals, but also HOW we do it.

Responsibility at the Unitary Enterprise Velcom is the starting point for the development of our core business in the best possible way for the benefit of society, our customers and employees.

We make a significant contribution to the information society, and also strive for respectful cooperation with all interested parties and our contractors. We are constantly growing and developing, without forgetting about the economic, environmental and social aspects.

Business ethics stands above short-term business success. In doubtful cases, we would rather refrain from signing an agreement than enter into a relationship that is contrary to our principles. Compliance with the principles of business ethics and responsible behavior are the main elements of our corporate culture.

On the pages of our Code of Conduct and the Contractor's Code of Conduct you can find the basic rules that reflect our attitude to business ethics issues. The Code of Conduct is an important governing document of the Unitary Enterprise Velcom. The principles set forth in it apply to all employees.

The Code of Conduct contains information on:

  • fair relations;

  • confidentiality;

  • conflicts of interests;

  • gifts and personal benefits;

  • corporate property protection;

  • violations of the Code of Conduct;

  • compliance with the Code of Conduct;

  • notification principles, including contact information.

What we want is...

  • fair business success: 100% transparent business;

  • long-term cooperation with partners who share our basic principles;

  • only honest and open words, in order to prevent and exclude misunderstandings;

  • active and decisive intervention when violations occur;

  • attentive employees who support what we advocate for and who are honest, fair and ready for transparent cooperation.

What we do not accept is...

  • attempts to offer bribes to business partners or public sector employees;

  • invitations or gifts to third parties that are related to the invitation to bid, receiving awards or with existing legal and administrative procedures;

  • silencing or ignoring violations that occur in our shared work environment. .

Our customers, business partners, shareholders, external creditors, the community and ourselves, the employees, hope to comply with the standards in all types of business relations. In other words, to honest, fair, transparent relations.