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Virtual PBX is open for adding third-party A1 numbers

Virtual PBX service from A1 has been supplemented with a new option. The advantages of the service are now available for A1 subscribers whose numbers are not owned by the organization that has linked to virtual telephony.


A new feature significantly facilitates communication with freelance workers, contractors and partners. A company can add third-party A1 subscriber numbers to the Virtual PBX Service without allocating individual numbers and without re-registering personal numbers as the corporate ones, if deemed necessary. A subscriber should only agree to joint the team via SMS, and then the number will be available for Virtual PBX settings.


Until February 29, 2024, CRM Integration Service is offered at a special price of only 1 BYN per month as part of the special offer for new subscribers of Virtual PBX for 6 months after subscribing. CRM Integration is an ideal choice for arranging operations of call centers, online stores, technical support, dispatching departments and other organizations. The service significantly reduces the number of manual operations: employees can review the customer's data sheet during an incoming call, set an automated call forwarding to a specific manager, listen to call recordings from the customer's data sheet, and much more.


Virtual PBX is a comprehensive solution for telephony arrangement in your office. The solution makes it possible to field calls to a single multi-channel number, to distribute calls to SIP and mobile numbers of employees using the voice menu, to analyze call statistics and call recordings. The Hosted PBX Service comprehensively joins all offices and employees of the company without a need to buy specific equipment, and allows to manage calls effectively.