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Consumer rights are business responsibility

March 15 is Consumer's Day in Belarus. Concern for the rights and interests of its customers is the principle that has been the basis of work of the A1 company for over 20 years.


А1 conducts its business in full compliance with the requirements of Belarusian legislation, including the protection of consumer rights (you can read the full text of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Protection of Consumer Rights" here).


One of the key areas of work on consumer rights protection and improvement of consumer literacy on the part of A1 is the development of channels and tools for independent choice and management of services. "My A1" application is a convenient tool for solving these tasks. It helps to manage literally any service without going to the company stores or calling the support service. In a couple of clicks a user can get the call details for the current and previous 6 months, connect the necessary roaming options, add services for Internet security and antivirus protection, etc. It is also convenient that in the application you can check the list of connected services and available paid subscriptions, disconnect the unnecessary ones or connected by mistake. Or, on the contrary, you can add something that will be really useful.


The "Мy А1" application provides full control over the balance of the personal account and the options available to the subscriber. With its help, the user can solve any arising issues on their own, without turning to the company's stores or contact center specialists, up to connecting a new number.


A1 adheres to a similar approach in selling subscriber equipment through its trade network. Today more than 80 A1 stores are located in all big towns and cities of Belarus. In addition to them, there is an online store and a virtual store working in live streaming format. This concept enables the customers not only to get an online video consultation on the device model selected, but also to virtually visit an A1 store in real time under the guidance of a company expert.


А1 is actively introducing high-tech solutions and approaches in its work so that its subscribers can choose on their own not only the services they need, but also the most convenient format of obtaining them.