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Best Quality of A1 Communication Services: Results Confirmed by an Independent Regulator

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A1 communication services have the maximum rating for most quality and integral indicators of cellular mobile communication services. The data have been confirmed by the Republican Unitary Enterprise for Supervision on Telecommunications "BelGIE", an independent mobile communications regulator, and are available on the Telecommunications QoS Assessment Portal at: хваля.бел. Based on the total observations for the period for which the data are available on the portal, A1 communication services have the highest rating both for integral indicators, and in each service category (telephone radio connection, voice transmission quality, data service availability, data transfer quality, video playback, and WEB browsing).


In addition, according to the total observations of the portal on the parameters and quality indicators of cellular mobile communication services, it is A1 for which network the following was recorded:

  • the highest average data transfer rate;
  • the highest average score for video playback quality;
  • the highest average score for speech transfer quality;
  • the lowest ratio of call setup failure to the total number of calls;
  • the lowest ratio of data transfer failure to the total number of data transfer attempts;
  • the lowest WEB browsing failure ratio;
  • the shortest average web-page load time.


These data are derived from the results of cellular mobile communications quality evaluation based on the total observations as of March 28, 2024 and may vary from quarter to quarter.


The data from the following three sources were studied: estimated coverage maps, results of measuring the base station parameters using specialized radio control test hardware and software complexes, as well as using a specialized mobile application, which allows subscribers to analyze the signal level and data transfer rate, and share information about the communication quality where they are.


Currently, the most advanced cellular communication standard among those operating in Belarus is the 4G (LTE) Standard. To start using 4G and enjoy all the quality connection benefits, you need:


  • enable 4G (LTE) in your phone settings;
  • enable VoLTE mode in the settings to ensure better quality of voice calls;
  • make sure that your SIM card supports LTE (if necessary, replace the SIM with USIM or eSIM);
  • make sure that the phone supports LTE (change the phone if necessary).


Check if your device and SIM card are ready for 4G network using USSD request: *181# call. You can find out more about the coverage area and the average speed of A1's 4G network on A1's official website at the link, as well as in the My A1 app. You can read about the features and advantages of the 4G Communication Standard on the special web-page at the link as well.


On 4G Network Improvement


A1 has implemented a project to improve the quality of 4G network throughout Belarus. The activities undertaken in partnership with infrastructure operator beCloud have ensured that the fourth-generation communication operates reliably throughout the country on the A1 network, making the network accessible to 99.8% of the population.


Significant improvement in the quality of A1's 4G connection has been achieved due to a number of measures to make more efficient use of already available resources: parametric optimization, traffic prioritization, and user traffic balancing. Thus, in 2023 and 2024 all district centers and regional cities could notice a significant improvement of A1's 4G network performance. At the same time, the fourth generation network is available to A1 subscribers not only in large cities, but also in sparsely populated areas, rural areas and along the country's highways.


Nowadays, A1's 4G network includes more than 5,000 base stations operating at 800, 1,800, and 2,600 MHz.