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Firewall loweres the risks of virus infection, prevents from unauthorized data dispatch and eliminates possibilities of external connection to your device without your knowledge.

* A1 Firewall shields your computer from network attacks, although it doesn't completely protects from the viruses that might be already present on a device or penetrate as a result of your careless actions. To protect your mobile device or computer against infection, please follow basic security rules: don't open potentially unsafe files from unreliable sources, use antivirus software or A1 Antivirus service.

If Firewall detects a connection request which does not match the security rules and is potentially hazardous, the request will be blocked.

All A1 customers.

How to activate (A1 customers):

How to activate (prepaid subscribers):
  • via USSD *126*1*7*2# call key;
  • via My A1.


The service is free of charge. The used data is charged according to the current rates.