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We believe that business must consider the interests of the society and specifics of the world for successful development. Therefore, A1's strategy is based on rendering technologies and services that provide as many people as possible with the chance to discover new possibilities, to live in an environmentally friendly and active way, to manage resources properly, to exchange knowledge and ideas, to value the uniqueness of any person. What helps us a lot is our commitment to international ESG principles that contribute not only to successful business development but also make the world a better place.


Every A1's project aimed at protection of the environment, energy-efficient solutions, upgrade of digital literacy, aid to children, charity contributions, development of the national culture, inclusion and the society of equal opportunities is a chance for us to speak about what is important to us, as well as to be heard by those who will follow us in thinking about sustainable future. Our approach is based on the ESG concept, i.e. responsible attitude towards the present and the future. We create projects that we are truly proud of.


Helmut Duhs, СEO A1 Belarus

Strategy and directions

A1 conducts its activities in accordance with the international ESG principles (Environmental. Social. Governance). Such strategy, which has replaced the traditional understanding of corporate social responsibility, allows business to further expand possibilities for positive influence on the environment and society, as well as optimize internal processes.


This approach defines the responsibility which A1 Belarus, just like the entire A1 Telekom Austria Group, assumes in order to look for the most sustainable ways of company development that will also help care about the environment and solve important social issues.


Priority directions of A1's ESG strategy include environmental-friendly behavior, helping children and supporting inclusive and cultural projects.


Help for the children

Inclusive projects

Digital Literacy

National identity



Every A1 subscriber has the opportunity to support Belarusian charitable organizations by donating a certain amount in any way convenient: using the "Kindness" section in the A1 banking application, via a USSD request or by sending an SMS to a short number. Help can be directed to Belarusian doctors fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, large Republican charitable foundations, as well as regional associations.


Assistance in fighting against COVID-19

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, A1 makes every effort possible so that its subscribers can stay connected, solve working tasks on a remote basis and run their business. But it is equally important that they can get any help they need and provide it to those who are particularly in need today.