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The corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy of the A1 company was presented in 2014. It is based on the aspiration to contribute to solving societal problems and to provide assistance to those who need it most. To achieve this, the company uses not only its own resources and capabilities, but also strives to attract the widest possible range of its subscribers and residents of Belarus in general to the ideas of charity and socially responsible behavior.


When developing A1's CSR strategy, the opinions and preferences of the company's employees were taken into account. They suggested the areas of social policy they considered to be the most significant. A1's CSR strategy was revised and expanded in 2019.


The priority areas of A1's corporate social responsibility strategy are helping children, supporting national self-identification, and green living.


Many of A1's CSR projects are charitable in nature and are aimed at helping various social and medical institutions. The company strives to provide the same opportunity, i.e., to help those who need support, to all its subscribers, offering convenient and user-friendly tools for that purpose.

Assistance in fighting against COVID-19

In connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, A1 makes every effort possible so that its subscribers can stay connected, solve working tasks on a remote basis and run their business. But it is equally important that they can get any help they need and provide it to those who are particularly in need today.

Help for the children

National identity



Every A1 subscriber has the opportunity to support Belarusian charitable organizations by donating a certain amount in any way convenient: using the "Kindness" section in the A1 banking application, via a USSD request or by sending an SMS to a short number. Help can be directed to Belarusian doctors fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, large Republican charitable foundations, as well as regional associations.



Inclusive projects

Digital Literacy