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Inclusive coffee shop opens at A1 store in Minsk

A new place conceptualized as Inclusive Barista developed by inclusivity movement activists in Belarus opens at A1 centre at Internatsionalnaya 36-2 and will be integrated into the ecosystem of the flagship store.

“For A1 this partnership is not just a mutual cooperation but above all an act of social responsibility that is why in compliance with the decision of the management the amount of concessional monthly rental fee will not exceed the price of a single cup of coffee. Besides, the company will sponsor acquisition of professional machines for the said coffee shop”, - noted Nikolai Bredelev, head of A1 PR.


This coffee shop will be the first place in Minsk equipped with a transforming bar. Working space will be adapted for the height and physical capabilities of the servers: a wheelchair user of any height tall or small will be able to adjust the working desk for own convenience. Four wheelchaired baristas will work by shifts for the new coffee shop of the Inclusive Barista chain.


“Besides convenience for our staffers we have already discussed how to surprise own and A1 customers. Out of new options available at the coffee shop there will be: a special printer able to create your image on the foam, menu beamed on the wall for paper saving purposes and coffee cups manufactured at inclusive production will have the text printed in Braille for visually impaired,” – commented Alexander Avdevich, head of social association Raik, founder of Inclusive Barrista coffee shop chain.


New coffee shop Inclusive Barrista is expected to open in early November.