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My A1 app now has a purchase tracking function

A1 has expanded the functionality of My A1: now users can track their purchases made in A1 virtual store, including the history of previously made orders and the status of current ones. Thus, it will be even easier to purchase a new device - without the need to contact A1 specialists to clarify the terms and conditions of the purchase.


In addition, using My A1, customers can add not only their own numbers, but also the accounts of loved ones (for example, children or parents) in order to manage the necessary services remotely: find out the balance or tariff information, pause the use of home Internet, manage mobile numbers to receive a special monthly fee, leave a request for technical support and much more. The number of numbers and personal accounts that can be connected to the application is not limited.


Also, My A1 provides comfortable access to financial information (accruals for the current period and the last year, amounts billed for payment, details for the current or required period, installment management, etc.), helps to quickly connect the desired services and disable unnecessary ones without a USSD request or a call to the contact center. And for subscribers whose devices support eSIM technology, it is also possible to switch from a regular SIM card to an electronic one and even transfer a number from other networks to the A1 network without visiting the company's sales and service centers.


The application can be downloaded depending on the operating system of the device in Google Play, App Store or AppGallery.


Install My A1 and manage your numbers with maximum freedom!