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A1 experts detected new fraud schemes used against the company subscribers

A1 Unitary Enterprise warns its customers about new fraud attempts made using the brand name of the company. The scammers take advantage of the company clients' trust and call via instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber and other messenger apps), presenting themselves as A1 employees. Under the pretext of renewing a subscriber contract, scammers urge people to install or reinstall My A1 mobile application on Android OS using a special APK installation file to be sent out in a direct message via a messenger rather than by downloading it from the official app store. After installing (updating) an already malicious application, the smartphone falls under the control of the hacker, giving it access to the user data stored on the smartphone (SMS, private correspondence in instant messengers and on social networks, bank card information and passwords, etc.). That way, the scammer can install third-party applications, sign up for banking or other services.


How to protect yourself:


  • The key to avoiding this is to know that company employees never call via instant messengers;
  • If you have any doubts during the conversation, do your best to end the call in a civil manner and call the official number of the company;
  • Even if the conversation seems realistic to you, do not install any applications from unreliable sources or APK files received;
  • Always pay attention to the smartphone access privileges an application requests. All access privileges must be minor and logical;
  • If you are given another phone number and asked to call it, ignore this offer;
  • If you have suspicions that a fraud has been committed or the hacker has already managed to get your data, you can turn the Internet connection off on your smartphone and contact law enforcement agencies right away.


How to figure out you're talking to a scammer:


  • The A1 client relations arrangement does not imply any kind of "extension of the validity period of a SIM card or a contract";
  • The call comes through a messenger, and not the official A1 company number; 
  • The person calling urges you to install or reinstall any mobile application from an APK file sent via a messenger;


What scammers are capable of:


  • Creating a profile in a messenger app using the logo of any company or enterprise;
  • Knowing your personal information (full name, age, place of residence, etc.) from databases already available on the Internet;
  • Using office setups, fake documents and identification papers during a video call, imitating ambient sounds and voices of other people.