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Sony PlayStation 5 Slim are DualSense available for purchase: buy now at А1


A1 is announcing the start of sales of a new category of Sony devices. Now, the much-anticipated Sony PlayStation 5 Slim game console and Sony DualSense gamepad are available for purchase at our stores.


Sony PlayStation 5 Slim is a first-class and compact solution for modern gamers. The console is distinguished by its improved space-saving design while still delivering the same performance as the previous model.


With powerful performance and 4K support, Sony PlayStation 5 Slim makes it possible to enjoy the favorite games with stunning clarity and realism, without lags or deceleration. The enhanced ray tracing feature provides realistic lighting, shadows and reflections, making game worlds even more alive and immersive.


Sony PlayStation 5 Slim supports new generation games, which allow you to exploit all capabilities of the console and offer incredible graphics and gameplay. The built-in ultra-fast 1 TB SSD drive accelerates data access and makes game loading lightning-fast.


Sony DualSense is a new generation gamepad with an ergonomic design, designed for complete game immersion. The device features the new haptic feedback technology that allows you to feel every step and action in the game, making the experience richer and more realistic. The gamepad adaptive triggers change resistance depending on the game context, allowing you to feel the difference between different actions, such as drawing a bow or pressing the gas pedal.


DualSense has a built-in microphone and speaker, making it easy to communicate with friends and the team without additional headsets. The elaborate and ergonomic design ensures easy use even during long gaming sessions, reducing hand fatigue and increasing control precision.


All new products can be purchased in one payment or on an installment plan without a downpayment, which makes the purchase even more simple and convenient.


Don't miss the chance to buy the latest Sony devices, which will give you an unforgettable experience and open up new horizons in the world of gaming! You can make a purchase with delivery to any address in Belarus at the official А1 online store.


You can study in detail the features of the device, get expert advice from specialists and make a purchase through the virtual store.


You can get more details from the video experts at the company's online store, on the official pages of A1 in the social networks Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, via online chat on, as well as by calling the unified contact center phone number 150.

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