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А1 launches a new service A1 Wallet +300 for online payments

A1 offers its subscribers a new service, А1 Wallet +300: users of the A1 banking application will be able to pay for any goods, works and services by means of electronic money without interest within the limit up to 300 rubles and on deferred payment terms.


Using A1 Wallet +300 service, A1 subscribers can pay for more than 60 thousand goods and services through ERIP, replenish their virtual A1 banking card, as well as pay for insurance products of Imkliva Insurance CJSC.


The A1 Wallet +300 service is available to A1 subscribers except for users of prepaid tariff plans. Connection of the service is made in А1 banking mobile application. The whole process takes maximum 1 minute:

1. Register your account in A1 banking application;

2. Click on "A1 Wallet" in the main menu of the application;

3. Choose A1 Wallet +300 service;

4. Read the terms and conditions and press "Connect".


You can use the limit provided during a calendar month. By the 20th day of the next month, the subscriber needs to settle the bill for payment. It is most convenient to do this in А1 banking application: the number of the service's account is automatically available there.


Until the moment of disconnection of A1 Wallet +300 service, the limit in the established amount is automatically provided on the 1st day of each calendar month. At the same time, the services А1 Wallet with the limit of 100 rubles and A1 Wallet +150 with the limit of 150 rubles remain available for selection.


You can learn more about the line of services "A1 Wallet" here.