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A1 won a number of awards in the HR Brand Award Belarus 2022 contest

Two A1 projects in the sphere of work with personnel were awarded with the HR Brand Award 2022 at once. The awarding ceremony was held on March 15, 2023.


In the "New Approach" nomination, the jury assessed the projects related to the introduction of new technologies in personnel work organization. The project "A1 Rozumer. Level up. School of digital technologies" was given the highest evaluation. With its help children of A1 employees could learn more about what their parents do at work, how the world of modern technologies and communications works, and how they can help to solve various problems of the real world.


LETO A1 project was awarded in the "Event" nomination, where HR projects on organizing various events (corporate conferences, volunteer initiatives, campaigns and corporate events for employees, etc.) competed. Summer corporate event, despite its scale (it united more than 3 thousand employees and their families), was held in a relaxed and warm atmosphere and at the same time allowed the company to emphasize its core values.


In the course of its many years of professional activity, A1 has made a significant contribution to the information society and is committed to respectful cooperation with its employees, clients and partners. One of the main tasks of the company is to support and develop employees and offer them the most comfortable conditions of work in the labor market. А1 is constantly growing and developing while keeping economic, environmental and social considerations in mind. Bright projects and their victories in prestigious professional contests are only a part of great work on team building and creation of the most favorable conditions for professional and personal growth of every A1 employee.


The HR Brand Award is one of the largest professional contests in the country in the field of HR and brand reputation management. Its participants and winners can rightfully be considered flagships in the implementation of best practices in HR management.