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Information security audit

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A1 specialists offer to conduct a full-fledged information security audit in your company. This is a necessary procedure for the secure functioning of any IT infrastructure. Allows preparing a secure environment for information assets, strategic documents, financial and accounting statements, corporate database content, etc. A competently conducted audit is the key to the effective operation of information systems and the profitability of your investment. Based on the results of the audit, you will receive a report with a list of current risks, an assessment of the security system and a list of recommendations, as well as a concept for the development of information security, for which we will develop a project implementation plan. We will also conduct a consultation seminar for interested employees with a presentation of the audit results and a detailed review of projects aimed at implementing the concept. We will coordinate the interactions of the departments of your organization that will take part in the implementation of the concept.

We will conduct an inventory of your information systems, assess the organization of information security in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 27001-2016 and Belarusian legislation, check the level of awareness of your personnel and generate a report along with a concept for further development.

For interested employees, we can conduct a presentation of the audit results and the concept of information security development with a detailed consideration of projects for its implementation. Terms of work performance: 1 to 2 months.

The terms depend on the scope and criteria of the audit.

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