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With WEB SMS, A1 customers can receive SMS sent from a1.by website.

To send a message to a customer with Web SMS active, type a text and recepient's number in the special form.
A security code is necessary to send a message. If the code is correct, your SMS will be delivered.
SMS sent from a1.by will read as follows: websms (SMS text).


  • One SMS in Cyrillic is 70 symbols, in Latin - 160 symbols (including spaces). If Latin is selected, Russian letters are automatically transliterated.
  • The company is not responsible for the content of SMS sent from www.a1.by.




  • There are limits to a number of Web SMS:
    • maximum 10 SMS per 24 hours from one IP (computer);
    • maximum 10 SMS per 24 hours to one number.
  • For the users who exceed the given limits, Web SMS is rectricted. Moreover, you cannot send SMS from a number of public proxy-servers.


The service is available to all A1 customers.

To enable WEB SMS send the following message to 511: "websms start".
The list of SMS commands to 511.

  • websms start – to enable web SMS from www.a1.by;
  • websms stop – to disable web SMS from www.a1.by;
  • websms status – to request the current status;
  • websms status A1 customer number in international format – to aquire customer's current status. E.g.: websms status 375293000100.