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NBIOT telemetry

Detailed information

  • Operation of devices at a frequency of 900 MHz. Ability to connect up to 50,000 devices to one base station.
  • Threshold level of signal attenuation is 146dB. Allows using the SIM card in underground parking lots, on basements, in wells.
  • Ability to operate on the built-in battery up to 10 years.
The service is provided to the company’s legal entity clients.

You can leave a request to connect a tariff plan by sending an application from the organization to the email address DTG@A1.by.

A SIM card is inserted into the NB-IoT device. The device has a Power Save Mode in which it runs at regular intervals, PSM Timers (Run Time and Sleep Time). The equipment transmits packets to the platform at a specified time and goes into sleep mode, which saves battery power. Packet data is transmitted using UDP protocol over a separate, independent data transmission channel.

Subscribers of the NBIOT Telemetry tariff plan also have access to the service Access to the IoT platform for collecting and viewing data from IoT devices .

The service provision procedure within NBIOT Telemetry tariff plan is available at the link.

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