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A1 Books

Detailed information

By subscribing to the A1 Books service, you will receive:

  • subscription access to 130,000 books;
  • catalog update every month;
  • reading books on the website or in applications liters;
  • 20% discount on non-subscription books.

To access the book catalog dial a free USSD-request * 170 #. After subscribing, you will receive an SMS with login information. Enter this data into your Personal Account on the website or in any application Liters.


Choose books from the catalog `` Books by subscription A1 Belarus '', press the button `` Read by subscription '' and read them for the first 3 days for free, then & mdash; RUB 0.3 in a day. By uploading the book to your Personal Account, you can read it without access to the Internet.


A customer who has subscribed can buy any other book outside the catalog `` Books by subscription A1 Belarus '' with a 20% discount. Purchased books will also be displayed in the Personal Account.

Subscriptions are charged daily until the service is disabled. In the details of the subscriber's account, such a write-off is displayed as “Access to A1 Books”. The subscription fee is not charged when using the Pause service and when financially blocked.


When using the service in the A1 network, Internet traffic is charged in accordance with the connected Mobile Internet service and the subscriber's tariff plan (in roaming - at roaming rates).

The service is available to A1 subscribers, except prepaid tariffs subscribers.

How to connect

1. To subscribe, dial a free request * 170 #, you will be sent an SMS notification with information about the service.

2. Wait for the second SMS with the data to enter your Personal Account.

3. Go to the Liters website using the link from SMS, select the `` Login '' button, enter your phone number and password from SMS.

4. Select a book from the catalog `` Books by subscription A1 Belarus ''.

5. If the book you need is in the full Liters catalog, buy it with a 20% discount.

6. Enjoy reading!


How to disable

1. Dial * 170 * 2 # (free).

2. Contact the Online Consultant. On any page of the My A1 application, click the icon with a question mark - select Contact a company - click the Online Consultant button.

Use the service for free for 3 days upon first connection, then - 0.3 rubles. per day.


The volume of received and transmitted information on the website and in the application liters is paid according to your tariff plan and the volume of connected services.