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"A1 Prime mini" subscription

Service includes

Benefits of the service


Mobile communication and Internet


  • 400 minures within the network
  • 2 GB package


Subscriptions under control


Monitoring the connection of Internet subscriptions, infotainment services and services


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Internet in roaming


  • 50 MB of Internet traffic in roaming partner networks


Valid in the countries: Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia


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Detailed information

"A1 Prime mini" subscription is a service provided to the company's clients - individuals entities. Available to subscribers of “Prostoy” tariff plan.

"A1 Prime mini" subscription includes:

400 minutes within the network, 2 GB package, 50 MB of Internet traffic in roaming, “Subscriptions under control” service.

The provision period is 30 days with subsequent automatic extension.

Managing the service and obtaining information about the remaining traffic is available in the My A1 application and Personal Account.

You can also activate/deactivate the service upon application at the company’s sales and service centers or dealer centers.

The cost of the service is paid in full when the package is activated and then - every 30 days.

The service is not disabled when changing the tariff plan if it is available on the new tariff plan.

Activation of the "A1 Prime mini" subscription is possible if the subscriber does not have additional "Subscription under control" service at the time of the request.

The regular payment for new and actual subscribers tariff “Prostoy”/ when changing the tariff plan on the tariff “Prostoy” as a part of promotion is 0 BYN – for the first 60 days, then – 8 BYN (until 31.12.2024).

Full price of service – 10 BYN.