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Select a tariff and connect

SMS Wi-Fi 180

    2,24 BYN activation charge
    0,00 BYN/month regular payment

    SMS Wi-Fi 60

      0,99 BYN activation charge
      0,00 BYN/month regular payment

      The service allows to get Wi-Fi connection for 60 minutes and 180 minutes.

      To look up the hot-spots map, click here.

      To connect:

      • select BELTELECOM network;
      • open any site in your browser;
      • you will be redirected to authorization page where you shall enter login and password received in a text message.

      You can use SMS Wi-Fi 60 / SMS Wi-Fi 180 service again not earlier than 10 minutes after sending the previous SMS.
      You may use your credentials during 180 days until you use up the time of service provision.
      If your device won't send an empty message, you can send a messge with any character.

      The service is available for all velcom customers.

      To receive login and password, send an empty text message:

      • to 9101 to get access for 60 minutes;
      • to 9103 to get access for 180 minutes.
      A customer will receive a response message with login and password for authorization in wi-fi.
      There should be enough money on your SIM to cover the service charge and the text message cost. Otherwise, the service will not be activated and you will received an information message: «Уважаемый абонент, на балансе недостаточно средств. Пожалуйста, пополните баланс и повторите запрос. Справка 411.» / «Dear customer, the balance is not sufficient. Please top up your phone and repeat the request. Call 411 for inquiry.»