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Quick and easy installation and setup of devices
Instant smartphone notifications
All devices communicate to each other wirelessly
Comfortable control in different locations from the application

Ready-made scenarios

Your smart home conforms to your habits easily with the help of scenarios and it will be much more comfortable and safer. Each scenario can be configured for a specific time, switch or button in the application. You can use ready-made scenarios or create your own one.

Smart lighting


With the «Smart Lighting» scenario, your baby may not be afraid to walk at night to drink water and stumble over something. After all, he knows that the dim light, necessary for night visibility, will turn on as soon as he puts his feet on the floor.


IoT router + Motion sensor + Smart socket
from 44,68 rub/month



Safe Home


Using the «Safe Home» scenario, you can remotely monitor security in all rooms - just select the security mode in the A1 Smart Home application with a light touch of the screen of your smartphone, and all devices - smoke detectors, leaks, openings - will simultaneously protect your peace of mind.


IoT router + Leakage sensor + Smoke detector + Opening sensor
from 55,19 rub/month


Voice control


Control your TV and air conditioner through voice assistants - just tell the Google assistant, Alexa or Alice to turn off the TV or air conditioner, if your hands are busy - it's done.


Portable speaker + Remote control
from 23,37 rub/month



Children at home


Want to know exactly, when the kids got home from school? Install an opening sensor on the door — when triggered, you receive instant push notification to your smartphone, wherever you are, and you can watch the stream from the camera to make sure everything is in order at home.


IoT router + PIR-camera rotary + Opening sensor
from 50,29 rub/month



How to start



Download A1 Smart Home app



Manage all Smart Home devices with your smartphone and our free app




Activate devices in the app!



All devices should be activated in the application. We prepared for you detailed instructions on how to do this. Go to the support page, select the device you need and follow the simple instructions



Add scenarios



Choose ready-made or create your own scenarios. Receive notifications on your phone when a danger occurs to prevent a threat



View history



Keep track of what happened in your house, apartment or building for the whole day or for several days

Detailed information

Smart home is a system that allows you to monitor and manage security and comfort in the user's premises using the A1 Smart Home application. The system consists of separate sensors and control devices, which can be placed indoors.

With the A1 Smart Home mobile application you can get:

  • secure access to your home via the app;
  • the possibility to arm/disarm an apartment, house, office using all or individual sensors;
  • PUSH-notifications to your smartphone in case of doors opening, movement, smoke, flood detection;
  • viewing online broadcasts or recordings from video camera;
  • the ability to start video recording via customized scenario;
  • people presence at home simulation;
  • intelligent control of lighting, boiler, heater, humidifier using Smart sockets;
  • over voltage power protection;
  • electric energy statistics with the ability to reduce costs by optimizing energy consumption;
  • integration with voice assistants Yandex Alice, Apple HomePod, Google Home, Alexa;
  • optional switching to the mobile Internet channel in case of loss or complete absence of fixed Internet / electricity;
  • possibility to connect up to 150 ZigBee devices.

Individuals - residents and non-residents of the Republic of Belarus.

  • To use the application the user must install the application by downloading it from the app stores Google Play store (for Android devices) or Apple App Store (for iOS devices).
  • The use of all functions of the application is possible only when connecting a mobile device to the Internet.
  • When you install the app from Google Play store or Apple App Store web traffic within a cell of data transfer required to download the Application shall be charged according to tariff plan of the user in accordance with the terms of the subscriber's Internet service.
  • When using the application of internet-traffic is charged according to the tariff plan of the user in accordance with the terms of the subscriber's Internet service.
  • With the application A1 Smart Home user can control the Smart Home devices. The company does not guarantee the possibility of control of devices purchased from third parties, even if they are compatible with the router Smart home.
  • The availability of the application A1 Smart Home averaged 95% during the year. Regardless, the availability or potential use depend on other factors, such as the operating system, internet connection etc.
  • App A1 Smart Home supports the ability to receive notifications from Smart Home devices, provided an active connection to the Internet and enabled push notifications in the app.
  • The company reserves the right to make changes and additions to the App, its functional characteristics and conditions of its use; to suspend the Application in General or a particular version of a particular operating system in case of detection of different kinds of errors, crashes or other malfunctions, also in case of maintenance work, prevent unauthorized access by third parties to the Application to limit or block User access to the Application to use the User data for sending information, advertising messages that the User leaves the Application (e.g., e-mail, phone number, etc.).

1. Download and install the A1 Smart Home app for smartphones and tablets:

  • in the Google Play app store (for users of mobile devices with Android OS (version 5.0 and higher);
  • in the AppStore application store (for users of mobile devices with iOS (version 11.0 and higher);

2. To log in to the application, you must click on the "Register" button.

3. Use e-mail as login.

4. Create and enter a permanent password to enter the application.

5. If you have already logged in to the admin panel of the IoT router earlier, you just need to click the “Login” button and enter your e-mail and password.

Use of application A1 Smart Home is free.