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Tranfer your Number to our network

To transfer your number to A1, you should apply in any A1 center with the passport.
You can get any plan except for PRIVET. Upon contract conclusion, a A1 SIM will be provided.

The number is tranferred within 24 hours (providing your previous operator has no financial claims to you).
The number transferred from another network should be dialed in international format, e.g. +375297хххххх or 80297хххххх. It is necessary to differentiate between customers whose numbers differ only by prefixes. You can easily convert all numbers from contacts into international format with a Phone Number Convertor (for Android).

You can transfer your number again not earlier than 90 days after the previous transfer.

When you transfer your number to A1, an upfront payment is charged according to a selected plan. Contract termination due to a number transfer is not charged.