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Unlim XS

Tariff includes

Additional Features

1 Mbps is surfing the Internet and social networks, streaming music, audio and video calls in instant messengers and watching videos in SD.

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Plan details

We provide


Minimal upfront payment 

5,00 BYN

Outgoing within the network and to voicemail  

0,30 BYN

Calls to landlines, other networks in Belarus 

0,30 BYN

Calls to the closed user group

0,30 BYN


0,2649 BYN


0,075 BYN


0,1806 BYN

MMS abroad 

0,295 BYN

Calls abroad (CIS)

0,65 BYN

Calls abroad (Europe) 

1,06 BYN

Calls abroad (other countries)

1,95 BYN