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Buy А1 Elegance router and get a discount on the smart door opening sensor

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From October 15 to the end of February 2021, A1 subscribers will be able to take advantage of a special offer: establish a reliable Internet connection both at home and outside and ensure the safety of your home, saving 34 rubles or more in the process.


Within the scope of the special offer, all A1 mobile and fixed-line communications subscribers (except for the Privet service plan subscribers) purchasing an IoT router will be able to get a Perenio PECWS01 door opening sensor for only 19.90 rubles. The offer is valid regardless of the router purchase terms (purchased in a single payment or in installments).


Together, these two devices will ensure the safety of your apartment, house or summer cottage: using the A1 Smart Home application, you will be able to check if the windows and doors equipped with sensors are locked anytime, and in case someone tries to open them without your knowledge - you will get a notification on your smartphone. Furthermore, the Smart Home system can potentially be expanded by adding a smart speaker with the Alice voice assistant from Yandex, video surveillance, as well as other sensors that respond to movement, smoke or flooding, regulate the temperature and humidity in the room.


In addition, the portable A1 Elegance dual-band IoT router will provide Internet access both via Ethernet technology and via 3G/4G networks thanks to a SIM card slot and a battery designed for up to 6 hours of offline work. This means that with the help of the router, the user will be able to distribute the Internet to other devices even if there is no wire connection, or will simply establish a safety net in case of a power outage at home.


Details can be found on A1's official pages on social media, such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, through an online chat on the website, as well as via the following single contact center number: 150.