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Ecobonuses from A1: exchange obsolete gadgets for free minutes, gigabytes or a TV subscription

Promo description

A1 company has launched an exchange program for obsolete mobile devices as part of the Ecobonus for used equipment drop-off offer: now every subscriber can contribute to the environmental conservation and drop off obsolete gadgets to get free minutes, Internet traffic or a TV subscription discount.


Special boxes have been installed in A1 company stores for the used mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. Devices collected in them will be transferred to waste recovery, which does no harm to the environment.


While the special offer is active, A1 subscribers can choose an eco-bonus for the drop off of unwanted mobile equipment. There is a number of bonuses to choose from for each device: 1 GB of traffic for 30 days or a promotional code for the TV Extended subscription free of charge for 60 days. Five or more obsolete gadgets can be exchanged for 5 GB of traffic for 30 days or 50 minutes to all networks for 30 days.


The special offer is valid for all company subscribers, individuals and legal entities, except for subscribers of the following tariff plans: Data Transfer, Video Surveillance, WEB light, as well as tariff plans of the PRIVET, Telemetry and V-telemetry lines.


For more details on the special offer, click the link.


Since 2020, ecology has become one of A1's priorities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, and reducing the trash footprint and carbon footprint, as well as achieving energy efficiency are the three main areas in which the company plans to work until 2025 in accordance with the adopted Environmental Policy.


Get rid of old gadgets for the good of environment and yourself with A1!


Details can be found on A1's official pages on social media, such as Facebook, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, through an online chat on the website, as well as via the following single contact center number: 150.