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Internet Access

Detailed information

Mobile Internet is a service of high-speed transmission and reception of data using a mobile device: phone, tablet, or modem. Service operation in the company’s network is based on GPRS/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ technologies. To use the service in the company’s network, it is enough to:

  • Have a mobile phone or modem that supports GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/HSPA+ technology. Our online store has a huge selection of phones, tablets, and modems;
  • Connect the Mobile Internet service;
  • Set up your phone/modem to work with the service.

The “Mobile Internet” service is included in the set of services of the subscriber's tariff plan, available to new subscribers upon concluding a contract, as well as to existing subscribers (if the service is disabled) when connecting the package, changing the tariff plan.

Changes to the “Mobile Internet” service package are made automatically within 24 hours, provided the subscriber has a positive balance and active status. Until the actual change of the service package, the subscription fee and traffic payment are charged in accordance with the original package.

When disabling/changing the “Mobile Internet” service package, the unused balance of prepaid traffic is reset to zero.

The service is provided to all subscribers of the company.

The “Mobile Internet” service is managed by the subscriber in one of the following ways:

  • USSD request *135# call (for subscribers of tariff plans with a subscription fee);
  • Personal account;
  • in the voice menu 150.

For А1 mobile Internet operation, you need to make the settings on your mobile device in one of the following ways:

1. Automatically using the Settings Wizard

The settings are sent automatically when you first register in the A1 network, when you replace the device or SIM card, when the device software is updated.

The Settings Wizard sends the required setting configurations, which should be saved, and then the device should be turned off and on.

2. USSD request *135*0# call

3. Personal account (Settings menu item)

4. Send an SMS with the word “internet” to number 512

In the process of setting, please follow all the prompts in the device menu.

After saving the settings, we recommend rebooting the device.

There is no charge for receiving settings by any of the above methods. SMS and USSD requests are free of charge.

The exceptions are cases of sending SMS from roaming.

Settings are not automatically sent in roaming. If, while in roaming, the subscriber independently sends a request to receive settings via SMS, USSD, Personal Account, correct receipt of settings is not guaranteed.

5. Configure the device manually

If your device does not support automatic settings, you can configure it yourself using typical settings, having previously specified the information about the access point of the connected “Mobile Internet” service.

Typical “Mobile Internet” settings for mobile devices:

The names of the menu items may differ from those indicated depending on the manufacturer, model and version of the operating system of the device.

Profile name/Connection name:А1 (any name is possible)
Data bearerGPRS/ Packet data
Access point (APN)

Depending on the connected APN: or internet

Authentication type)PAP
APN typedefault
Username and PasswordNot filled in
Proxy server address and portNot filled in

After saving the settings, we recommend rebooting the device.