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Business Unlim 3.0

Tariff includes

Additional Features

  • Unlimited Internet at speeds up to 1 Mbit/s at the end of the included traffic
  • SMS about the end of the included Internet traffic
  • Equipment purchase available

Plan details

We provide


Network calls  

0,1745 BYN

Outgoing within the network and to voicemail  

0,1745 BYN

Calls to landlines, other networks in Belarus 

0,4095 BYN

Calls to the closed user group

0,1745 BYN


0,2649 BYN


0,0481 BYN


0,1806 BYN

MMS abroad 

0,295 BYN

Calls abroad (CIS)

0,65 BYN

Calls abroad (Europe) 

1,06 BYN

Calls abroad (other countries)

1,95 BYN