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Single Green Number

Detailed information

The “Single Green Number” is a service organizing for A1 subscribers a free call to an * ABCD format customer number.

A1 subscribers get free access to * ABCD format numbers, while the organization pays for the traffic generated by the subscribers.

Tariff per 1 minute of connection (per-minute billing) is 0.18 rubles.*

* If in the reporting period less than 350 minutes of voice traffic have been used, the organization pays a minimum amount of 350 minutes.

The cost of a call for A1 subscribers to the “Single Green Number” is 0 rubles.

The service is available to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs owning * ABCD format numbers on the basis of an agreement with OneSmartStarBel JLLC.

In order to become the owner of an * ABCD format number, you should contact the office of OneSmartStarBel JLLC (at 2 Tolbukhina Str., Time Business Centre, 2nd floor, office 240) with the following documents:

  • Certificate of state registration,
  • Document confirming the responsible person’s right to sign (order to take office; if signed by a proxy, then a power of attorney for the right to sign)

You can contact OneSmartStarBel JLLC by calling *6776, by e-mail, through an application on the website.

After receiving the * ABCD format number, you will have to conclude a contract for the “Single Green Number” service with A1 company.