Remote office service from A1. Business solutions

Remote office

For many companies, the issue of transferring their employees to remote work is now urgent.
A1 offers a range of services for organizing a comfortable workflow in a distributed team
and the continuity of your business.


Remote office – this is an A1 package for remote monitoring of business processes
and effective communication of the distributed team. Each complex offer contains
several services that you can also purchase separately.

Organization of remote work of your employees


Variety of tariffs, special equipment and virtual work VPNs to create a comfortable basic environment for remote work.

For remote management of the company's business processes


Effective tools for the continuity of your business, even in quarantine. Manage team work, plan new tasks, communicate with clients and sign documents right from home.

Effective communication of a distributed team


Use a licensed email service with remote access to letters, contacts and shared calendars from any device.

Build effective communication across a distributed team.