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Static internal IP address

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Static internal IP address (third category)

    Static internal IP address (second category)

      Detailed information

      Static internal IP-address is a service that allows assigning a permanent IP address to a subscriber for use in the A1 network. This address is not used to access the Internet.

      Thanks to the service, you can:

      • configure remote access to a computer within the A1 network;
      • configure authentication by static IP address for access to office equipment, corporate programs, file storages and a server within the A1 network;
      • use additional services, including video conferencing, video surveillance, etc.

      You can connect the service upon a written application drawn up in the A1 branded sales and service centers, as well as in the offices of the company’s official agents.

      Internet traffic is paid in accordance with the selected tariff plan for the Mobile Internet service.

      The service is available to A1 legal entity clients.

      The service provision procedure for «Static internal IP address» is available at the link.