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Access to the monitoring platform

Detailed information

A service that allows you to access the IoT platform, which displays data from IoT devices for viewing. The service is provided both on the basis of the NB-IoT narrowband network, as well as on 2G and 3G. On the platform, the client can add various types of IoT devices, administer them, view data from devices, build graphs and upload reports.
  • cost savings due to remote retrieval of information (no need for physical access to devices)
  • no need for server capacity to host the platform
The service is provided to the company's clients - legal entities.
You can leave a request to connect the service by sending an application from the organization to the email address
When the service is connected, the client is provided with access to the platform and unique identification data is assigned, which are used for further access to the personal account of the service.

The provision procedure for «Access to the monitoring platform» service is available via the link.