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MEGA update: introducing new tariff plans by A1

A1 is presenting updates to the MEGA tariff plan line. Now it will consist of three offers, each providing possibility to get not only unlimited home Internet access, but also an unlimited number of minutes and mobile Internet, as well as other entertainment services, and on favorable terms.


Hence, starting February 15, the updated line will include two new tariffs: MEGA Plus and MEGA Max 2.0, in addition to the MEGA Prime offer.


The subscribers of the MEGA Plus tariff plan will get fixed Internet access at a rate of up to 100 Mbps for 29 BYN per month. Besides the fixed Internet access at a rate of up to 100 Mbps, the MEGA Max 2.0 tariff plan (49 BYN per month) includes VOKA "All Inclusive" subscription, i.e., access to all video service content with movies, TV series and TV channels, and a SIM card with an unlimited number of call minutes to all networks and unlimited mobile Internet traffic.


A distinguishing feature of new tariff plans is a flexible management of optional services that will optimize costs of communication and entertainment services. For instance, MEGA Plus subscribers will be able to subscribe to VOKA "All Inclusive" at a great price, for only 10 BYN per month. And MEGA Plus and MEGA Max 2.0 subscribers will be able to get an extra SIM card with an unlimited number of minutes and Internet access as a special deal for 15 BYN per month.


As part of the third tariff plan – MEGA Prime – the subscribers will get unlimited mobile communication, high rate home Internet and access to video content to suite any taste, as it has been before, as well as access to the Family Subscription Service featuring unlimited communication inside a group and a possibility to share mobile Internet traffic. But wait, there is more: A1 has prepared a special offer for new subscribers of the MEGA tariff plans. The subscription fee for all tariffs of the line will be only 1 BYN for the first two months. Besides, new MEGA subscribers will get extra bonuses. To learn more and to apply for subscription, click the following link.


In view of launching new tariff plans, A1 would like to inform of archiving MEGA Bit, MEGA Hit, MEGA Smart and MEGA Max tariff plans, beginning from February 15, 2024. These offers will become unavailable for new subscribers from the specified date. The current subscribers will be able to continue using these tariff plans under the same terms.


The release of the updated VOKA application is another important news for A1 subscribers who are iOS device users. The new release included steps to optimize the application (in particular, its operation with iOS devices, starting from iOS 12 and on). This is the last update for iOS 12 to 14: subsequent release will support iOS/iPadOS 15 and later versions.